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Foodie Friday: Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Bourbon Swirl

Finally decided to put my ice cream maker to good use! I found a really simple no-cook ice cream recipe from tasteofhome.com: 2 cups heavy cream 2 cups half and half one cup… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: More Cupcakes!

For Easter, I ended up making two kinds of cupcakes with butter creams to go along with each. One big happy family! For the cupcakes, I used tried and true recipes that I… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Spiced Apple Cake!

I went apple picking last weekend with my little sister and the boyfriend. Somehow we ended up picking like 10 pounds of apples haha, and then had to figure out how to use… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Honey Whiskey Cupcakes!

The boyfriend actually found this recipe, he saw a picture of the cupcakes on Facebook and they were so pretty that we had to make them! The recipe is from this website, and… Continue reading