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Foodie Friday: My Disney Restaurant Guide!

Some of you may know that I was in Disney World last week ( I miss it terribly). There is a ton to love about Disney.. one of them is food! I thought… Continue reading

I’m in Disney World!

Yes, I am currently in Disney World. At this very moment I’m probably doing something fantastically happy… or sleeping. Depending on what time you see this post.

Vacation Brain.

Last week I went to Florida with the family, as my sister had spring break. We went down to Captiva Island, a super small island right next to Sanibel Island. But what it… Continue reading


As you guys already may know, I was just on a cruise, got back last week. My family and I love cruises, we’ve been going on one every year for the last four… Continue reading

Where in the World am I?!

 Where am I? Who knows! I’m away on vacation! Probably sailing back to Rome by the time this post goes live.   Anyone go anywhere cool this summer?

Bon Voyage!

I’ve never been sad to go away on vacation, this is a first for me. This Friday my family and I are flying out to take a cruise from Rome! I absolutely love… Continue reading