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Binge Watchers

Do you binge watch things? I’m guessing most people do nowadays with all the paid and free streaming sources. I mean I know people who cannot binge watch because they bored… I am… Continue reading

Why “Girl Meets World” Will Probably Disappoint Us

So, Boy Meets World… awesome. Basically defined at least one generation! The trailer for Girl Meets World went pretty much viral last week and I had to watch it. And I have to… Continue reading

Why I Didn’t Like The “How I Met Your Mother” Finale.

A little late on this post because I wanted to make sure not to ruin everything for everyone because this will contain spoilers. Anyway, I haven’t even followed the show from the first… Continue reading

Nothing to Watch.

Don’t you hate when your favorite show ends? Well, all my Tuesday shows have ended! How horrible! I can’t handle the lack of TV involvement on Tuesdays! I spend Tuesday nights at the… Continue reading

Leading Ladies… We Hate You.

The boyfriend and I have been watching Arrow lately, we watched the whole first season online and just got caught up… and let me tell you… I pretty much hate every female character… Continue reading