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Disney Eats!

Before you say anything… yes, I went to Disney World twice this year. I’m sorry, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And my favorite thing to do there is eat, and I love… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Disney Eats!

I was in Disney last week! One of the best parts of Disney World, for me, is all the delicious food! So, I thought I’d give you another update on all the delicious… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Updated Disney Restaurant Guide!

Well, I’m back from Disney World (sadly)! And since we tried some new things and old favorites while we were there, I thought I’d make an updated restaurant/food guide! 1. The Dining Room… Continue reading

It’s My Birthday and I’m in Disney World!

As the title suggests… today is my birthday and I’m in Disney World! No better way to celebrate the big 2-5 haha. So, no Foodie Friday today, but I do have something in… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Canadian Cheddar Soup with Homemade Pretzels!

I’m super excited about this post… like, super excited. A little background, if you didn’t know, I love Disney World. A lot. And I obviously love food. When we go to Disney World,… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: My Disney Restaurant Guide!

Some of you may know that I was in Disney World last week ( I miss it terribly). There is a ton to love about Disney.. one of them is food! I thought… Continue reading

I’m in Disney World!

Yes, I am currently in Disney World. At this very moment I’m probably doing something fantastically happy… or sleeping. Depending on what time you see this post.