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Foodie Friday: More Cupcakes!

For Easter, I ended up making two kinds of cupcakes with butter creams to go along with each. One big happy family! For the cupcakes, I used tried and true recipes that I… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes!

No Foodie Friday last week, sorry about that, I had no time to bake and no reason to cook… but I’m going to make up for it! I promise. A friend of mine… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream!

It was my sister’s birthday on Tuesday and she requested chocolate cupcakes. Funny enough, they would work really well for Valentine’s Day (not intentional lol)! I used my usual chocolate cake recipe, baked… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Root Beer Cupcakes!

In honor of my boyfriend’s one week anniversary of quitting smoking (post to come) I made him root beer cupcakes! I actually used a box mix for these, it was Duncan Hines Vanilla… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Cupcakepalooza!

My cousin needed to make three batches of cupcakes for her friends… why? Because she is too generous! I couldn’t let her do it alone, so I schlepped over my stand up mixer… Continue reading