Foodie Friday: Liege Waffles!

Back in high school, I had a friend whose mom was from Belgium, and on occasion she would bring us the real deal Belgian waffles. I don’t know what made me want to… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Challah with Raisins!

So, last weekend was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and in proper tradition, I made my challah with raisins! For the holiday I make a round challah, but for every day eatin’… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment!

I’ve heard many a delicious thing about Jacques Torres’ famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, and when the recipe came out I thought about making it, but ultimately didn’t. I was happy with my… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Hudson Valley Ribfest!

Last weekend the boyfriend and I were at Hudson Valley Ribfest in New Paltz, NY! It’s a three day thing, and they have lots of vendors, live music and a BBQ competition! The… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: My Sourdough Starter Exerience!

Sometimes I get an urge to do something, and I’m adamant about doing it. I’ve been wanting to make sourdough bread for a while, but always thought making the starter was too much… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Sour Cherry Preserves!

I’ve been wanting to go sour cherry picking for three years now! The last two years, I missed the seasons completely, but this year I made sure to stalk the orchard and my… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Triple Oreo Marshmallow Bars!

I totally forgot to post this last week.. my bad. I got this idea from looking at different kinds of Rice Krispies on Pinterest. While we didn’t have any Rice Krispies, we did… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Summer Fruit Crostata!

On Saturday, my mom saw a crostata on the cover of a magazine and could not stop thinking about it. So after we had dinner that night, I threw one together. Ingenuity at… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups!

At my office we are k-cup fiends. We go through them like nothing I’ve ever seen before and we like to be adventour and try new things! This is one of my latest… Continue reading

Foodie Friday: Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment!

My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe makes SO many cookies, we’ve been trying to eat better so no one really wants that many cookies in the house haha. A few months ago, I… Continue reading