Pile O’ Baguettes!

I’ve had so many birthdays/occasions in February that I had to make cakes for… I’m so sick of cake. It was really refreshing to use my starter and make some bread.


First and foremost, please forgive my ugly tablecloth.

This is the second time I’ve use this particular recipe for baguettes. I’ve had great success both times, and both times I’ve decided not to follow the recipe exactly. Bread rebel, right here.

I do use the exact measurements, you can’t fool around with that, but I do sometimes wing the rising/folding/kneading process. This time, I actually made my dough at 11:00pm, did my first stretch and fold at 11:15pm. My dough had a decent gluten formation at that point already (perks of a really active starter). Then I did my second stretch and fold at 11:20pm, did a little kneading until dough was pretty smooth, covered the dough and put it into the fridge.

The next morning, I removed the dough from the fridge at 9:00am, it had doubled in size and had some nice air bubbles. I did another stretch and fold and let the dough rest for an hour and a half in my homemade proofer (cup of boiling water in the microwave gets nice and toasty).

After my dough was rested, I continued on to the recipe for shaping. I did get four loaves out of it, I made two plain and added chopped olives to the other two.

Baked at 470 degrees on the baking stone for 15 minutes then moved to top rack f0r 3 minutes to get that nice crusty top. I do keep a tray of water in the oven when the bread is on the stone, then I remove it when I move the bread to the top rack.

You get that nice crusty bottom from the stone and that crunch on top, when you pull it out to cool you can hear the bread crackling as it settles. Inside you have a nice airy crumb with lots of air pockets, with a nice chew from that gluten formation.

Great recipe, very easy to follow and it comes out great every time. We ate all four loaves that same day, it really is that good.