Chocolate Chip Cookie Showdown Part 2!

Today, we continue our cookie showdown with recipe number 2!

Have you ever been to a DoubleTree? If so, have you had their amazing cookies? It’s the best part of staying there. So when I found a ‘copycat’ recipe on Pinterest, I had to try it out.


For the most part, this is a basic recipe, and upon closer inspection I realized that the basics of it are exactly the same as my go-to recipe but with a few extras, like oats, cinnamon and lemon juice. It also uses mini chocolate chips, which does help with the chocolate distribution.

The only strange ingredient is the lemon, not sure what it’s for, but you don’t taste any lemon flavor once the cookies are baked.

I made big cookies, about 3 tablespoons a piece, so they took about 13-15 minutes to bake at 350 in my oven.

The edges were crunchy and the centers were soft. These are pretty thick cookies, with just a touch of density from the oats. You get a hint of spice from the cinnamon and so much chocolate in every bite. Everyone loved them! Across the board agreement that these beat the cookies in part one. If you look back at that post, you can definitely see they are very different cookies.

Now, I don’t think they are dupes for the DoubleTree cookies, they’re definitely different, but they are delicious.

So, so far, this DoubleTree copycat recipe isn’t really a copy cat, but it is number 1!