Chocolate Chip Cookie Showdown Part 1!

I’ve decided it may be time for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. My usual go-to hasn’t been doing it for me recently, so I’ve been browsing Pinterest and I’ve collected 5 (so far) recipes to try out!


The first cookie recipe I went with was this one for Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies.I opted out of the salted part because I didn’t have any flaked salt. For the chocolate chunks I roughly chopped some of my Guittard 74% chocolate wafers and also added some semi-sweet chocolate chips for good measure.

Mine took about 12 minutes to bake at 350 degrees. The first batch I made came out so poofy! Too poofy… they didn’t look right, so I flattened the dough before putting it in the oven for my next two batches, and that did the trick. These came out pretty thick, crunchy on the edges and almost cakey in the middle. I found this recipe interesting because it had whole wheat flour, I’ve never used whole wheat flour in a chocolate chip cookie recipe before. I think that’s what added to the density of the cookie. They also tasted and smelled a bit nutty, also probably from the whole wheat flour. I was really excited about the espresso powder that’s in this recipe, but none of it came out wen you ate it. I was hoping for a bit of a mocha flavor.

Overall, they were okay. Everyone voted that my usual recipe wins out against this one. It was a decent cookie, but I wouldn’t use this recipe again.