Mexican-Style Rolls

Woah, it’s been a while. I’m horrible, I apologize, but I don’t want to dwell so, onward! The other day, my mom requested that I make bread for sandwiches, I had recently pinned a recipe to try out, and this was the perfect time.


You can find the recipe here. I followed the recipe exactly, it’s very a basic, no frills bread recipe. Easy to follow and make. I made 6 rolls instead of 8, because we did want to use them for sandwiches. I also shaped them to be a bit rounder.

They bake up so adorably poofy. When they come out of the oven they have a nice crunchy crust, but after you let them sit, it does get softer. Obviously, I ate one right away and they’re nice a fluffy on the inside, a bit dense, so it will hold up to adding lots of sandwich ingredients. The flavor is perfectly balanced, not to yeasty or sweet, but just the right blank slate.

I actually stored them in an airtight container after they cooled, because we weren’t eating them right away. They help up well after a few hours, and I’ll be testing to see how they hold up overnight.

This recipe would also be perfect for dinner rolls, just make them a bit smaller and you’re good to go! This may become my go to dinner roll recipe… now I’m almost tempted to go warm one up and slap on some butter!