Disney Eats!

Before you say anything… yes, I went to Disney World twice this year. I’m sorry, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And my favorite thing to do there is eat, and I love to try new places every time I go.

I’m going to break it down by meals this time…


Captains Grille

We stayed at a new hotel this time, and we got to try some new breakfast places! The first one we went to was Captains Grille.


These are the chocolate waffles with espresso mascarpone and a cherry compote. GUYS. This is like dessert on a plate. They look small but they are mighty. You also get a side of bacon or sausage, which you will need to cut the richness of these waffles. The first time, my sister and I each got our own… the next time, we were smarter and shared lol.

We went here a few times because it’s really good and conveniently located. The fried egg sandwich was awesome, and my dad loved his steak and eggs…ever day.

Trattoria Al Forno:

This restaurant is location on the Boardwalk, a nice walk away from our hotel. We never went there before but I’ve always eyed their breakfast menu. They have seasonal pancakes, mine where white chocolate raspberry and they were amazing! I normally don’t like pancakes, but I didn’t even need syrup for them. I was so engrossed in the pancakes that I don’t even remember what anyone else had lol. They do have a really cute breakfast pizza that I saw getting delivered to other tables. Oh, the press pot coffee… excellent.


Spice Road Table

Located in Morocco in Epcot, it’s nicely situated so you can sit outside and have a perfect view of the fireworks. This was my first time here, but I had seen a lot of tasty things on Instagram. We got three appetizers: hummus fries, Moroccan lamb sausage and the spicy garlic shrimp. I thought the lamb sausage was a little too ‘lamby’, but it was good. The hummus fried and shrimp were amazing. I still think about the fries. Oh, and I had to have the inced mint green tea, which was awesome.

We also had the rack of lamb, which was so good. Probably the most tender lamb I have ever tasted, it was amazing. And we tried the mix grill, which was good, the sauce and potatoes made the whole dish.

For dessert we had to go with the baklava, which is not my favorite, but the cashew one was my favorite.

Overall, highly recommend this place. I cannot wait to go there again.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Or just ‘Skipper Canteen’ is a new restaurant inside Magic Kingdom. We were really excited for a new place to open inside the park, as we always go to nearby hotels for dinner then have to schlep back. Since it was our first time here, we had to sample the menu. For appetizers we got the arepas, falafel and noodle salad. The falafel were really good, very similar to the hummus fries previously mentioned. The arepas and noodle salad were good as well.

For dinner I had the char siu pork with five-grain rice, which was good, the Chinese five spice is really strong, but it’s really good when you mix it in with the rice. My parents split the whole fried fish, which ended up being two lion fish! We were shocked to even see lion fish on the menu, never mind two whole fried fish! They loved it though, so it had to be good. We saw tons of people ordering it. My sister got the fried chicken and loved it.

For dessert we had to get the kungaloosh, I saw it all over Instagram. It was good, but cold. I thought it would be a warm dessert.

Hollywood Brown Derby

As is tradition, we went to the Brown Derby when we were in Hollywood Studios. We ordered our favorite appetizer, the local greens salad.

For dinner I had the pork three ways, the same thing that I had last time lol.


It’s so gooooood! They changed the boar for the tenderloin and that was a very good decision on their part. My dad and sister ordered the filet of beef and my mom got the grouper. I warned her that the boyfriend did not like it when we were there in May, but the waiter sold it to her. Well, she didn’t like it and ended up switching it for the beef, which was excellent.

For dessert we got one trio to share, we got the banana-toffee cake, chocolate sphere and the blueberry cobbler. The cobbler was our least favorite, it didn’t have much flavor. The other two were really good.


Ah Jiko, the first time I went was in May when I was there with the boyfriend. We ate so much that we just went right back to our hotel and to bed afterwards lol. This time, I toned it down.


Last time I had the lamb shank and this time I had the pork shank (above). It was really good, I do think the lamb shank was better though. My dad had the lamb chops and said they were almost as good as the ones at Spice Road Table. Oh, we got the Braai mac and cheese and it was amazing. I want to go back and eat it every day. If you ever go to Jiko, you need to get it.


We had to try two desserts. This is the Malva pudding, which I wasn’t sure about but it was really good!


This is the pistachio layer cake, again, I wasn’t sure about it… then I saw the chocolate and it was delicious.

Rose and Crown

Ah, another classic. We always try to go there, and I always get the same thing. We started with the meat pie, always good. Then I had the bangers and mash, which are soooo good. My mom had her favorite chicken masala curry, which is good.. but I prefer the bangers and mash.

And of course, we had my favorite-ever dessert: the sticky toffee pudding.


Ample Hills Creamery

I was so excited to go there! I creeped so hard on Instagram and couldn’t wait to go. My sister and I shared an ooey-gooey butter cake and my parents shared the coffee toffee coffee. The butter cake ice cream was really good, not too sweet with giant pieces of cake. The coffee toffee had a really nice coffee flavor, but I wasn’t crazy about the toffee.. it was a bit too sweet.

Phew! That was a lot. I love trying new places every time I go to Disney, there is always something great to try. Where is your favorite place to eat in Disney?