Tips for a successful sourdough starter

If you want to make your own sourdough bread, you’ll have to start with a good sourdough starter. There are a few ways to get your hands on starter, you can buy it online, get it form someone who already has starter or… make your own. I decided to do the latter.

It took some trial and error on my part to get my starter started, but once it was ready the upkeep is really easy.


So here are my tips for a successful sourdough starter:

  • The warmer, the better

Like all yeast, home grown yeast needs warmth. When you’re starting your stater and feeding it make sure to keep it in a warm spot. I usually keep mine on top of the fridge, or by a window when it’s warm outside.

  • Skip the tap

All tap water is different and can affect wild yeast in different ways. Your best bet is to use filtered water.

  • Avoid metal

Starter does not like metal, it can cause reactions with your yeast. Stick to plastic, glass and wood when handling starter. I started mine in plastic bowls, but now it lives in a glass jar.

  • Keep it tight, but not air tight

Once your starter is ready to be used, you should give it a permanent home. If you choose a jar, just make sure that it is not air tight.

Add some time and patience and you’ll have a home grown sourdough starter.