Airy Crumb Sourdough!

I’ve been looking for a recipe for sourdough with an airy crumb, and I finally found the perfect one.


So wow!


I love looking at it! Almost as much I like eating it. I used this recipe, followed the recipe exactly, just adjusted the times. I was not going to wake up earlier to make bread, so I started the process at 8:40 am and did the baking around 10:30am the next day.

The crumb is nice and airy, the whole wheat flour gives it a nice chew. The crust is awesome, blistered perfectly, crunchy and delicious. Probably the best loaf of bread I’ve made so far. It could be a bit more sour, though. The second time I made it, I let the dough ferment for an extra hour and it did give it a bit more sourness.

This is a pretty involved process, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve made it twice and it came out perfectly both times. It makes two loaves, if you don’t eat both (which you might) it actually lasts pretty well. It was still nice and soft on day 3, only the crust got a little tough. Then we ate it, so I can’t say how it would do on day 4.

If I have nothing to do during the weekend, my go-to thing to do is make this bread. It is that good.