Foodie Friday: Our Adventures with Sous Vide!

My dad and I have been talking about sous vide machines for year now, we always wanted to get one, but never did because the machine was just too bulky and our counters are already covered in… stuff.

Then something amazing happened! We discovered sous vide immersion circulators…basically a portable sous vide machine.

This is what it looks like…


It has a clamp in the back and all you do is clamp it on to a large stock pot or any other kind of container. Turn it on to a certain heat, set the timer and let it go! It even has an app that lets you control it and has recipe ideas and cooking instructions.

We just got it at the beginning of the week, and we’re already used it three times. We’ve made steak in it, which came out awesome, chicken that didn’t dry out at all, eggs that didn’t get rubbery or crumbly and burgers that were super juicy.

If you aren’t familiar with sous vide cooking, basically its cooking food in circulating water. You put the foods in plastic bags with the seasoning and just let them go. What’s amazing is that foods can’t overcook (or it’s very hard to overcook)! We had eggs in there for an our, and the yolks were still runny. Because the water keeps moving and stays at a certain temperature, the foods can’t overcook because once they reach the temp of the water, there is no way that the temp of the food can go any higher!

I’ve seen multiple comparisons of foods cooked for 1 hour and 5 hours at the same temp in a sous vide and there isn’t any difference in the food. It’s amazing!

And you can make anything it is.. even dessert!

And with this smaller version, it’s super easy to use and store! If you’re into interesting cooking methods, I definitely suggest getting one of these. We got an Anova for $129 on their website.

Have any of you used a sous vide machine before? What are some of your favorite recipes?