Foodie Friday: Liege Waffles!

Back in high school, I had a friend whose mom was from Belgium, and on occasion she would bring us the real deal Belgian waffles. I don’t know what made me want to make them myself (about 8 years later, mind you), but something did and so it happened!

liegewafflesSo liege waffles are Belgian waffles, and what makes then different is that you actually use yeast! This is the recipe I used, specifically because I didn’t have Belgian pearl sugar (which you probably should invest in).

I followed the recipe exactly, besides measuring the amount of sugar cubes I needed.

So, they turned out pretty good! They were yeastier than I expected, they tasted a little bit like challah lol. They were very dense, so it was hard to eat more than 3 (keep in mind these weren’t full sized waffles). The ones I had in high school were more cakey, these were more bready.

I would definitely try to make these again, but with a different recipe and using real pearl sugar.

Have you made Belgian waffles before? Any tips?