Foodie Friday: Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment!

I’ve heard many a delicious thing about Jacques Torres’ famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, and when the recipe came out I thought about making it, but ultimately didn’t. I was happy with my usual recipe and his seemed like a lot of work. But then the bug bit me and I had to make it (especially since I had both bread and cake flour already in my pantry).

I saw a lot of people using chocolate other than his, and I was going to do the same, until my mom told me she works right by one of his stores in the city! So she picked up a bag of his 60% chocolate discs. She also brought home some cookies! I tried one and I have to say… I didn’t like it at all. It was very crunchy (which isn’t so bad) and nutty, which was just weird. My mom didn’t like them either. But I decided to press on because I knew mine would not taste nutty.

I made the dough, eyeballed the discs because I knew I needed to use half the bag, mixed, covered and refrigerated.

The first cookies I made where in refrigerated for 30 hours.

JacquestorrescookieexperimentThe ones on the left were the first batch, the ones on the right are the second. I flattened the ones on the right before baking, as I thought they came out too poofy the first time. They didn’t really look like his cookies at all and were pretty darn crunchy. I think I baked them a little too long. I also didn’t add enough chocolate, I had 1-2 discs per cookie.

The second time I made cookies they were refrigerated for 54 hours.

Jacquestorrescookieexperiment2Again, I flattened them before baking and baked them for less time. I also added more chocolate to each cookie, 2-3 discs. Still weren’t looking like his, but they weren’t as poofy.

The third and last time I made cookies, they were refrigerated for 76 hours.

Jacquestorrescookieexperiment3I basically did the same thing as the last batch. Look at that beautiful gooey chocolate!

So after all those hours and 4 batches of cookies… I was not that impressed. They tasted really good, but I actually found them to be less chewy than my normal recipe. Luckily they were not nutty! Just as I predicted.

My final verdict: I’ll be sticking to the classic Nestle Toll House recipe, but use the Jacques Torres discs instead of chips.

Have you made this recipe? What did you think? You did you get results like the original? Tips welcome!