Foodie Friday: Hudson Valley Ribfest!

Last weekend the boyfriend and I were at Hudson Valley Ribfest in New Paltz, NY! It’s a three day thing, and they have lots of vendors, live music and a BBQ competition!

The star of Ribfest was Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ. We saw the massive line they had and jumped right on it. It definitely helped that they won last year (and this year) and were from NJ! The founder even beat Bobby Flay in an episode of Throwdown!


And I gotta tell you… we were not disappointed. The ribs were fan-freaking-tastic, best ribs I’ve ever had and they don’t even have any sauce on them! And oh my… the corn bread, it was the best I’ve ever had (and I don’t usually like corn bread). We also tried the brisket with two different sauces: Happy Apple and Pyro. Our favorite was Pyro… a little spicy and super delicious.

We also tried some bacon zeppolis from another vendor, but they were kind of a let down. But we did have some really good orangeade!

I’d definitely consider going back to ribfest, and maybe even baconfest in the fall!