Foodie Friday: Crazy Cups Flavored Coffee Sampler Review!

At work we have a coffee problem. We have a Keurig and a wall of various K Cups. A few weeks ago we ordered a sampler of Crazy Cups flavored K Cups and I’ve been testing them for the last two weeks….

Jamaican Me Crazy

This one is very nutty, kind of like Chock full of nuts. Definitely not my favorite.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

This one smells interesting, kind of like peanut butter/ popcorn with a hint of jelly. Not sure why peanut butter and popcorn smell similar, but they do. It tastes pretty good, you get more of the jelly when you drink it. It does have a slightly nutty aftertaste. You do get a peanut butter-eque flavor. It sounds weird, but I kind of liked it!

Cinnamon Churro

I was super excited about this one. It smells cinnamony, with a hint of nuttiness (that might just be the coffee though). You can definitely taste the cinnamon but it also tastes very burnt. It also has a butter finish, so not very pleasant. Won’t be drinking this one again.

Italian Chocolate Cheesecake

This one smells nutty, it tastes slightly nutty and slightly sour, which might be them trying to emulate the flavor of cheesecake. Sadly, I got no chocolate flavor from this. Not my favorite.

Pumpkin Vanilla Creme

I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice latte, but I don’t mind pumpkin spice coffee, so I was excited to try this one. It smells cinnamony inside the k cup! Yes, I did sniff the actually k cup. You get a very strong cinnamon/spice smell once brewed, I was worried it would be like cinnamon churro, but it wasn’t! You get that pumpkin spice flavor, which is not too overwhelming. The coffee itself is not very sweet. You do have a slight burnt aftertaste, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. This was much better than I expected.

Death By Chocolate

This was another strange one, it smells like chocolate also kind of burnt. From a distance it smells like after-cereal chocolate milk, which sounds awesome, but sadly, I got no chocolate flavor… it just tasted straight up burnt.

Bananas Foster Flambe

I was really impressed with this one.. it smelled like banana and tasted like banana! The coffee itself wasn’t too sweet, and no burnt flavor! This was one of my favorites.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

This is another one that you can smell through the k cup, you get a lot of that raspberry. Once brewed, it smells like chocolate raspberry, kind of like those jelly rings. It also tastes like those jelly rings! I’m not a fan of eating them, but drinking it wasn’t bad! No burnt or bitter flavor, not too sweet. You get a lot of that raspberry flavor, another good one.

Apple Pie A La Mode

I was so excited for this one. I LOVE apple pie. You can smell the slight cinnamon apple through the k cup. Once brewed it smells like cinnamon apple oatmeal! That was really exciting, it smells awesome. When you taste it you get coffee taste first, it’s mild coffee, then you get a very cinnamon apple oatmeal aftertaste. It’s actually pretty good! Even though I love apple pie, I did think it would be super weird in coffee, but it works! This one definitely smells the best.

 White Christmas

This one is supposed to have hints of macadamia coconut, caramel, vanilla and bourbon. I didn’t get any of that. To me, it tasted the most like regular coffee out of all the ones that I tried. It’s not bad, but nothing really special.

Peppermint Chocolate Mocha

I love peppermint mochas… that’s my go-to drink in the winter. Now that it’s getting warmer, I wouldn’t normally gravitate to peppermint, but I had to try it. You get the peppermint scent once it’s brewed. You also get the peppermint flavor, no chocolate though. As much as I love peppermint mochas… peppermint coffee is not my favorite. I also used a peppermint mocha creamer with this one. The combo is actually pretty good, you get a lot of peppermint, a hint of mocha, and coffee. I’d probably stick to this in the winter.