Foodie Friday: Mongolian Beef!

The boyfriend and I have been trying to cook more on the weekends, so last weekend we went the Asian route!

mongolianbeefHe doesn’t like chicken, and we made shrimp the last time we cooked, so I decided to go with beef… Mongolian beef! I love the Mongolian beef at P.F. Changs, so I used this copycat recipe.

It turned out awesome! I used flank steak, and I cooked it in the sauce for a while so the sauce thickened nicely. The beef came out super tender, not chewy, which can be a problem with flank. The sauce is a little on the sweeter side, I didn’t think it was too sweet or overpowering though.

I haven’t had P.F. Changs Mongolian beef in a loooong time, so I really don’t know if it compares. But I do know that this recipe is amazing, the beef is fantastic and I’ll definitely be making it again.