Foodie Friday: Cake Fails!

I’ve had a sad two weeks. I had three birthdays for which I had to make cakes and the cake gods were not on my side. Let me start from the beginning…

Feb 10 was the boyfriend’s sister’s birthday. That was a Tuesday so I had to make her cake on Monday. I remembered that she liked red velvet, went on Pinterest and found a recipe. It all seemed simple enough, made the batter, prepared my pans with cooking spray, put cakes in the oven and then….. they got stuck. So stuck that nothing could get them out. I let them cool completely, I went around the cake with a knife, I tired a weird wet rag technique and nothing worked! I was finally able to get one cake loose… and only half of it actually came out of the pan. It was do or die time and I was on the verge of madness so I decided to use biscuit cutters to make mini layer cakes, mini mini cakes and cake balls. The one good thing… the frosting was amazing! And I had enough for everything. Luckily, everyone understood my pain and loved the cake nonetheless!

Feb 11 was my little sister’s birthday! She turned 12 and made me feel very old. I had decided to make her a zebra cake, and after only finding recipes using boxed mix, I decided to wing it and make my own. I went with my favorite chocolate cake recipe, modified it, and split it into two batters: chocolate and vanilla. I prepared my pans with cooking spray and parchment paper this time, did the proper pouring technique and stuck those suckers in the oven. Halfway through, I noticed that the cakes were browning a little too much in the oven, and when I finally pulled them out, they had sunk… and I mean totally sunk. I managed to get one cake out no problem, the other ended up with a hole in the middle from the parchment paper sticking to the super thin middle. Thank god for the frosting (mentioned above), I was able to fill in the giant sinkhole in the middle of my cake and covered it up with berries lol. It ended up being more marbled than zebra, so that’s what I went with when people asked, but everyone loved it!

Feb 17 was the boyfriend’s birthday! At this point, for some strange reason, I hadn’t given up hope. This time I was going to attempt a cannolli cake, I had kept the recipe open on my phone for months waiting for this day! His birthday was a Tuesday so I was attempting cake on Monday night. Again, I followed the recipe, prepared my pans with butter and flour, put them in the oven and prayed to the cake gods. After about 20 minutes I noticed that one cake was browning and the other wasn’t. Now my oven was baking unevenly and failing me, what the heck?! I switched the cakes around and waited. Meanwhile, I was watching the Kids Baking Championship with my grandma… which made me feel even worse because those kids are awesome! Anyway, finally took one cake out of the oven, and the other about 5 minutes later. Then what do you think happened? Take a wild guess…. they refused to budge! Once I finally got them loose, one came out in pieces and the other literally split in two! The top came out and the bottom was stuck. I was so distraught at that moment that I almost threw everything into the garbage. The boyfriend chose cake balls over the garbage so I saved the cake to make cake balls the next day. Luckily, the cannoli cream was awesome! And the cake balls came out pretty good! Even had enough cream left to ‘frost’ the cake balls and then cover them in mini chocolate chips. Everyone ended up liking these too!

But I gotta say… Monday the 16th was the lowest I ever felt about baking. I really wanted to quit. I threw out both of my cake pans in anger and agony. I almost used other pans that day too (they belonged to the boyfriend’s late aunt.. I inherited them. I guess she wanted to help making his cake! I did use her mixer for the cannoli cream though!), but I went against my gut and that’s what I got for it. Now that I think about it, they might’ve stuck because I left them in the prepared pans for a while before I could bake them. I decided to give my dad first go at the oven because he started complaining that he can never use it, not like he ever does. So I’m gonna blame him and the pans. Yeah. We’ll see what happens this weekend. Wish me luck!