Binge Watchers

Do you binge watch things? I’m guessing most people do nowadays with all the paid and free streaming sources. I mean I know people who cannot binge watch because they bored… I am not one of those people.

The boyfriend is a massive binge watcher. Once he likes a show, and it’s available to stream, that’s what he’ll watch until he finishes it. That’s what he did with How I Met Your Mother. Now, I see him three times a week, and I sit through his binge watching, in fact, I binge watch with him. But I only got to see bits and pieces of HIMYM, while he watched everything.

His newest show… Modern Family, and this time, I had a plan…

I’d watch them at home!

Which is what I started doing. He started at season 3, which I watched part of, also only saw some of season 4 until I decided to take matters into my own hands. I finished the second half of season 4 by myself, but now we have a problem.

I’ve beaten him! He is now behind and I am conflicted. Do I continue watching without him? Do I let him catch up and watch then watch together? Do I re-watch some with him? I don’t know!

For now, I’ve stopped at season 5. Haven’t watched the first episode in the hopes that maybe we can watch together. But I know he wouldn’t have any seconds thoughts about watching it without me, so we’ll see what happens.

What shows are you binge watching right now?