That Guy At Work

You know there is always one person who will do anything to work from home? Normally, I’d be that person! I’ll wholeheartedly admit it right now. I like working from home, mostly because I don’t really need to be in the office to do my job. And I like when my cat hangs out with me (don’t judge).

So yeah, if it starts snowing I’ll be the first one to bring up staying home. But I have two problems, 1) I work for family friends and 2) I work and commute with my dad! So I basically have no excuse not to come in if he does. Like Last Tuesday, that ‘snowstorm’, we did get a good amount of snow, and roads were pretty crappy, but then my boss called and told my dad that everyone was at the office, so the second the travel ban was lifted, we were off! That was a pretty boring day.

And then we get more snow on Sunday, it started right after the Super Bowl ended. By us, it was mostly rain by morning. By our office, it snowed all night and got about 6 inches of snow. We live about an hour (on a good day) from the office.

Now the other guy… he only lives about 20 minutes away, and has a four wheel drive SUV. Do you think he came in on Monday? Nope. Why? He was afraid of the ice.

He’s a cool guy and all, but if we’re here… you can probably get there. This isn’t the first time he’s been delayed by weather and it’s starting to get on my boss’s nerves. Also his wife’s and brother in law’s, this job is a family affair.

He finally came in 3.5 ish hours late, very aggravated. The first thing he said to us was that he wasn’t even staying all day, which I found funny. After about 30 minutes of stewing in his office, he cooled down and gave me cookies. Can’t say it was a bad day lol