DIY Wednesday: Christmas Ornament Wreath!

Finally did it! I’ve been planning on making one of these wreaths for the boyfriend’s mom, and I finally had a chance to do it! Now I think I’m hooked…


There are a couple of ways to make this wreath, and it really depends on what you use as your base. I was going to use foam, but I found a straw wreath for half the price. Straw can be kind of prickly, so I used a large red mesh ribbon to wrap the entire thing. Once wrapped, I tied the ends together, hot glued that in place and then made a bow with the loose ends for the hanging loop (thingy). Also hot glued the knot of the bow.


Then it was ornament time! I bought all of my ornaments at the dollar store. You really need A LOT of them, I had to make an emergency trip back to the store to buy more.

All you have to do it glue them all over the place! I started on the outside and inside of the wreath, then just layered until you couldn’t see any of the ribbon underneath. I was nervous that the hot glue wouldn’t hold… but it did. Just make sure to hold the ornaments in place for a few seconds are you glue to make sure that they’re nice and stuck


I’m slightly obsessed with this, and want to cover my house with ornament wreaths now lol