Foodie Friday: Cherry Pie!

I love pie, especially during the fall (it’s still fall!) so I decided to try my hand at making cherry pie!


Since cherries are not in season, I decided to use frozen ones. Of course, I couldn’t find the tart ones that I wanted so I ended up with dark, sweet cherries. I also decided to cheat and use premade pie crust… which I will never do again (I’ll explain later).

The filling:

  • Two bags of frozen cherries
  • lemon juice
  • sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • salt
  • slurry (cornstarch and water)

First thing’s first, start cooking your cherries. I used a normal medium sized pot, so nothing would overflow. Basically start defrosting your cherries in a pot, once they’re thawed and start cooking down add you lemon juice and sugar. I did this to taste. You can leave out the lemon juice if you want, but I like some tartness to my cherry pies. I then added some vanilla extract and salt, you can leave these two out as well, but I felt like the frozen cherries were a bit bland and needed something. Once all that is blended together, add your slurry. I eyeballed this and kept adding little by little to get the right consistency, I didn’t want mine that runny. When that’s the way you like it, fill your pie crust an bake!

Easy peasy. I think I added a litttttle too much vanilla, but it was still good. However, I really did not like the premade crust that I bought, I’ll definitely be making my own crust next time.