Foodie Friday: Oktoberfest 2014!

I’ve MIA for a while and I’m sorry! This was actually supposed to go up last week but I got super busy with work. Anyway! We decided to have an Oktoberfest party at my house for the last weekend of October, and guess who got to do all the cooking!


For mains, obviously we had bratwurst, three kinds that we got from Whole Foods: Dogfish Head Midas Touch, Niman Ranch Bratwurst and Kentucky Bourbon Bratwurst. We also had some tofurky sauages for a couple of vegetarians in attendance.

I also made Swedish Meatballs… which we pretended were German. I used this recipe, and guys… it is amazing! You all need to make this ASAP. I basically ate the gravy with a spoon (even the vegetarians ate it!)

Then for sides I made braised cabbage, which you might remember from my pork belly and braised cabbage post. This time I cooked it for a much longer time, just about 3 hours. I also made German potato salad, which you also might remember from this post. And I wasn’t done there… I made spatzle! It’s not shown, but I promise that I did make it lol. If you aren’t familiar with is, spatzle its a handmade noodle.. its kind of a hybrid between a noodle an a dumpling (Like in chicken and dumplings). Basically you made the dough and use a ricer to colander to form the noodles as you drop them into the water. I used a ricer just because I had one. I used this recipe, minus the herbs. I also cooked up some onions and mushrooms, added butter then added the cooked spatzle. Everyone loved it! Especially with the gravy mentioned above!

I was going to make an apple dutch baby for dessert, but all our guests were great and brought apple desserts! So I decided against it lol

Overall a very successful party! My mom is ready to have one every year!