Foodie Friday: Brand Spotlight–Kodiak Cakes!

This was actually supposed to go up last week.. whoops! Better late than never.

So, today I want to tell you about something awesome! An awesome brand of… pancake mix! Yes, pancake mix. It’s called Kodiak Cakes and I love it.


Here’s a little about them:

“In 1995, we at Kodiak Cakes set out the restore the American tradition of whole grain flapjacks with our first product, Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix. Based on an old family recipe, our flapjack and waffle mix was developed by combining 100% natural ingredients into a magical formula which takes you back to the old frontier, when a hearty breakfast was imperative for a hard day’s work.”

They have a bunch of different products: three kinds of pancake (or flapjack) mix, three kinds of syrups, cookie and brownie mixes and Minute Muffins.

So how did I come across Kodiak Cakes? Well, I was in Costco and saw this awesome box.. with a bear on it! I basically ran to see what it was and found Power Cakes. I didn’t actually make the purchase that day because I’m usually not a big pancake fan, so I decided against it. The next week, my dad came along to Costco and I showed him the Power Cakes… he was automatically sold. That was about a month ago, these are the only pancakes I’ve eaten since.

The way I like them? Full of blueberries and maple syrup on the side!

Sadly my Costco stopped carrying Kodiak Cakes, but don’t worry! Target still has them!

I really want to try the Minute Muffins and the syrups next, I’m planning on ordering a sample of each very soon! If you want to learn more about Kodiak Cakes and their products, visit their website.