The Case of the Missing Stuff.

So a while back, probably at least 6 months ago (maybe more) my mom and I went to Sephora to buy her whatever it was she wanted. She ended up getting a Makeup Forever lipstick. When we got back home, she didn’t like the color and gave it to me instead of returning it.

A little while before or after that (can’t remember) I got sent a PR sample of a Crown Brush kit to review on my other blog. It was awesome!

Then somehow… both the lipstick and the brush kit disappeared. Now, I clearly remember having the lipstick, in the box, on my bathroom counter, next to all my other lip products because it didn’t fit in the container thing. I don’t exactly remember where the kit was, probably in a cabinet downstairs as that’s the last place I remember putting it.

Fast forward to about, maybe 2 months ago. Our hot water was being super wonky so I decided to borrow my boyfriend’s shower. So, I packed up my body wash, loofah, cuticle oil and hand lotion. When I got back home later that night I put the lotion back in the cabinet and went up to bed. The next day, I basically forgot about it. When I got back from work, I went to get some lotion and lo and behold… I couldn’t find it for the life of me! I tore apart the cabinet but nothing. Even looked under the couch and in all the bathrooms. Nada.

Fast forward again to last Thursday. I come downstairs in the morning to start getting my lunch ready for work and my grandma reminds me to put my nail stuff away because the cleaning lady was coming. You know how cleaning ladies are… they put away your stuff so well that you’ll never find it. So I take my nail file, cuticle oil, nail polish and cuticle clippers and put it all into the cabinet. Nail care into my nail care box, and nail polish on the shelf underneath. Once that’s away, I get ready and went off to work.

When I got home that day, I raced to the cabinet as my cuticles were super thirsty. I start digging around and realized… it was gone. My cuticle oil was gone. Now, I knew I wasn’t not going crazy. I remembered very clearly putting it away that morning. Everything else was there… the polish, the file and the clippers. What the heck could have happened to it?

Then is dawned on me and everything started making sense. What was the one common factor of all my stuff going missing? The cleaning lady. Every single one of those things disappeared the day she came.

Now why would a cleaning lady take a lipstick, a brush kit, lotion and cuticle oil? You’re asking the wrong person. I have no idea! She had access to some big ticket items but she wasn’t that stupid to take something we’d notice. Now a $22 lipstick, a $20 hand lotion, $10 cuticle oil… she was wracking up points while being inconspicuous. She wasn’t taking Maybelline or Jergens… she was taking the good stuff.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I take my cuticle oil very seriously so that was the last straw for me. I told my dad and he said it made sense, he did mysteriously lose a pair of shoes a while ago.

My mom, however, did not like the ides of firing the cleaning lady, but after some thought she realized it was the best thing to do.

And that, my friends, is how I solved The Case of the Missing Stuff!