Move Over, Candy Crush

I have found a new game! Actually I found it a while ago, but I love it! It’s called Diamond Digger Saga… what’s better than digging for diamonds besides candy? Probably nothing. Maybe pizza.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this game while not being able to play candy crush, I was waiting for those darn friends to help me on to the next level. I thought I’d lose interest, but strangely, I have not!

It really comes in handy when I get stuck on candy crush levels and run out of lives, or those times when I catch up to the developers and need to wait weeks for the new levels to come out because that’s literally now much candy crush I play.

So, yeah, I like it! It’s a little different than candy crush, so I get some variety. And! Lives renew in 10 minutes instead of 30! Win!

What do you like to play? Or are you sick of these games all together?