Foodie Friday: My Disney Restaurant Guide!

Some of you may know that I was in Disney World last week ( I miss it terribly). There is a ton to love about Disney.. one of them is food! I thought I’d do a guide (in no particular order) of the restaurants I like in Disney World!

1. Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier is the steakhouse in Canada in the World Showcase in Epcot. We always try to get to it when we’re in Disney. Last time (4 years ago) when we went for my birthday we could not get reservations, so definitely book in advance (this goes for most restaurants).

As I said this is a steakhouse and it’s Canadian! They start you off with different breads that represent the different parts of Canada… super cool. The breads include pretzel, multigrain and sourdough. If you’re on the dining plan you get an appetizer and I strongly suggest the cheddar cheese soup. OMG GUYS. It’s so good, especially when you dip that pretzel in there. Entrees are mostly steak, but there is lamb, chicken, fish and a vegetarian option also. All entrees are very good, nothing complicated to showcase the meat. I had the New York Strip which was awesome paired with wilted kale ( and I HATE kale…).

Desserts are also really good. The maple creme brulee is delicious and they have a chocolate moose for kids! Adults can order it too. It’s a moose made out of chocolate mousse, antler cookies included. Super good. The coffee here is excellent as well.

I do have to tell you guys that this place is expensive, it runs about double most of the other restaurants. If you’re on the dining plan, it will take two table services.

2. Kona Cafe

This was our first time going to Kona Cafe and we were not disappointed! Kona Cafe is located in the Polynesian Resort. Just like the name suggests it is a Hawaiian themed place.

First thing you get is sweet Hawaiian bread, very good. We got a fried shrimp appetizer that was good too. For mains I had the kona coffee crusted pork chop and guys.. it was AMAZING. Definitely strongly recommend it.

For dessert we had the warm apple tart and the chocolate fondue. The tart was great! It was a little different from the average tart with more nutmeg and a cinnamon gelato. Don’t let the word ‘fondue’ fool you… it’s a two person thing tops, but it was good.

They have a variety of things n their menu, definitely something for everyone with a little Hawaiian/Polynesian twist. They also have a whole sushi bar!

Prices here are very reasonable and the food is delicious.

3. Chefs de France

Chefs de France is located in France in the World Showcase. I haven’t been there in a long while, but when I was there I went with the prix-fixe menu: french onion soup, some kind of meat (I don’t remember lol) and puff choux. Everything here was very good. If you like creme brulee, definitely get it here. My dad got it and we shared.. it was awesome.

Our waiter was actually from the village were Johnny Depp lived at the time and it was awesome! He told me the name of it and everything lol I was going through a Johnny Depp obsession at that time.

Prices here are good.

4. The Wave.. of American Flavors

The first time we went to The Wave was 4 years ago on our last trip and I fell in love. It’s located in the Contemporary Resort.

I really liked the menu because of the desserts… they’re flights, which means you get three mini desserts! On to the food, Last time we went I fell deeply in love with there ratatouille. it’s amazing. So this time, I scoured the menu for it and ordered whatever came with it lol Last time it was pork, this time it was lamb chops with a mint chimichurri. Delicious. I’m not one for mint jelly with my lamb, but the chimichurri plus ratatouille was magical! My dad had the steak and said it rivaled Le Cellier.

The dessert we shared was the creamy flight: Chocolate Truffle Mousse, Lemon Crème Brûlée with Lemon-scented Biscotti, and Sticky Toffee Cheesecake Butterscotch Sauce. Super rich, so sharing was a great idea, but it was delicious. All the desserts are great here.

The prices here are good and the menu is always changing.

There is also a lounge if you want to stop by for drinks!

5. San Angel Inn Restaurante

San Angel is located in the Mexican Pyramid in the World Showcase. We hadn’t been there in a VERY long time so we decided it was time to give it try. The atmosphere in the pyramid is fantastic, it’s like a night in Mexico. Always fun to go in there, shop the carts and go on the Mexico ride.

On to food… I was pretty underwhelmed. The food is supposed to be more traditional Mexican, its not covered in cheese. If you’re looking for that… look elsewhere. I had the carne asada, which ended up being a piece of steak with peppers, onions, beans and a mini corn tortilla quesadilla on the side. Good, but nothing to rave about. My dad, on the other hand, had the chile relleno and is still talking about it.

We skipped dessert here, but my mom did have a jalapeno margarita and LOVED it.

Prices here are good as well.

6. Restaurant Marrakesh

Now I have some funny stories about this place. First and foremost, it’s located in Morocco in the World Showcase. I also haven’t been there in a really long time, but I remember enjoying it.

The thing I remember most is the mint green tea that they serve, very traditional in Moroccan culture. Last time we went, it was with another family and the mother insisted that we get the green tea without the mint… it’s brewed that way so you can’t take out the mint! You had to be there, we still laugh about it.

Anyway, I remember having the lemon chicken and really enjoying it. Don’t remember much else in terms of food, but the place has a nice atmosphere and belly dancers! Can’t go wrong with that. And you might even be able to catch Jasmine before or after dinner for a photo op.

Prices here are good.

7. Rose and Crown

Ah, the pub. Who doesn’t love a pub. This place is located in England in the World Showcase. The Rose and Crown is super cute, and if you sit outside you get waterfront dining!

If they have bangers and mash on the menu you need to get it! But everything we’ve ever had here has been very good, including the sticky toffee pudding!

Prices here are good and they have a nice selection of beers!

So, those are all the table services restaurants I’ve been to. Of course, there are a lot of quick service and food stands that you can go to at the parks and in hotels as well. Most quick service places are very good and have a lot of options. China has a really good quick service spot, and quick service in The Land in Epcot has a ton of good options. Be careful eating outside in Animal Kingdom! I’ve seen cranes grab pork right out of people’s sandwiches!

If you’re in Magic Kingdom you need to get your butt to Frontier Land and get a turkey leg. THE BEST. If you stop by new Fantasyland you can get some awesome looking pork shanks at Gaston’s Tavern, along with a giant cinnamon bun!

Mickey shaped ice cream is always a great option too!

Where do you like to eat in Disney World?