The Worst Day Of The Week

I’ve come to learn that Wednesday is one of the best days of the week, Friday is the official best day of the week, and the worst day of the week… is Sunday.

Some people might say that it’s Monday, but I disagree. There is nothing worse than that Sunday night dread, knowing that the next morning will be Monday and there will be work to do, and emails and phone calls, and all that nonsense!

Once you get halfway through Monday it’s like a relief. “Yes, I’ve almost made it!” But on Sundays it’s “Oh crap, tomorrow is Monday.”

Which has made me realize that everyone turns into a pessimist on Sunday. Obviously that makes it the worst day of the week! There isn’t a time I’m more miserable than 5pm Sunday. The morning is great, still the weekend. The afternoon is alright, but it all goes downhill from there.

And I can’t even make plans on Sunday. I feel like I’m wasting the wonderful, workless day if I spend all day actually doing something. I’ll stick to eating and couch sleeping on Sundays.