The Pretentious Nerd.

So, I met a pretentious nerd. I have nothing against nerds, my boyfriend is a nerd (I got him a light saber for his birthday), but I don’t like pretentious people.

I guess some background is needed before I go full on rant. This kid.. yes kid, he’s 19. A baby. Granted I’m only 24, but whatever! He’s my cousin’s boyfriend. Anyway…

We were all supposed to go hiking up in the Poconos last weekend but it got rained out. My mom’s plan B was to go to Liberty Science Center. I opted out… because I’m old and just wanted a blanket and the couch. So I stayed home, made cookies (you’ll see those on Friday) and slept face down on the couch until they came home.

Everyone comes home, we eat (because we’re Russian and that’s what we do) and then the parents go for a walk. Obviously I’m in charge because it’s my damn house! And I’m the oldest cousin. One of my cousins saw me drinking coffee from my wonderful espresso machine, looked very longingly at it, so I made him one. My 14 year old cousin wanted one too, so I made him a very milk heavy cappucino. Then my other cousin asks if her boyfriend can have one. He’s sitting on my couch. Why is she asking for him? So me, being me, I say, very loudly, that if he’s sitting on my couch he can very well ask me himself. You’re 19.. get your ass up off my couch. He had ‘dozed off’ from being up until 4 am ‘web developing’. Yeah I don’t give a shit.

So yada yada I make him coffee, and we all start talking. Somehow Disney movies come up and he says he never watched them as a kid because he was poor. He watched Dreamworks movies instead. I’m a jerk so I ask which old school movies he watched. he had the audacity to say Shrek and Madagascar. I was like “NO SWEETHEART, I SAID OLD SCHOOL”. Took him a while before he could actually think of one. REALLY? Stop.

No one cares. No one is going to give you a pity party. He got laughed at instead. And that’s what he deserves.