Sigh. What’s more aggravating than internet trolls? Not many things.

Yesterday I was chilling on Facebook an stumbled on a picture of Rachel Zoe and her older son. He has long hair, and in the picture it was up in a top knot type thing. He’s one of the most adorable kids I have ever seen. Too cute. So I decided to browse comments. 1/3 were saying how adorable he was, 1/3 were asking is he’s a girl and the last 1/3 were yelling at the former third.

One awesome comment called everyone out- saying that they know he’s a boy (it was even in the caption) and they just want to start a bunch of crap in the comments.

My question is why? He’s a little boy. His mother does not want to cut his hair. Why is it anyone’s business? Just because it’s posted on Facebook?

Obviously I had to make a defensive comment. Couldn’t help it.

Then two people actually pointed out that in the Jewish religion you don’t cut your son’s hair until he’s 3. I’m a bad Jew so I didn’t know this lol but now everyone has a good, religious reason to why this little boy has long hair. I could probably even call them all out on religious intolerance.

Obviously celebrities don’t care what you say about them, their lives are public. But don’t go talking about anyone’s children– celebrity or not.