Foodie Friday: Open Faced Caprese Sandwiches!

Totally spaced that today was Friday so kind of a late post. Whoops.


This is a snack/lunch that we like to have after food shopping on Saturdays lol

Here we have baguette, capicola, fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and come awesome balsamic vinegar. Nothing better than super fresh ingredients.

Our friends turned us onto the Saratoga Olive Oil Company.. best vinegars ever. They’re in Saratoga Springs, NY but deliver everywhere. They also have a store in Lake Placid, which we visited and they had the best giant dog!

Our personal favorite is the espresso vinegar, but we also love the traditional, dark chocolate and fig. So many great flavors to choose from and they also have oils and tasting seasonings. Highly suggest checking it out!