Foodie Friday: Crispy Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms, Cherries and Wine Reduction

Happy fourth of July, everyone! I haven’t started my celebratory baking yet, so here’s some crispy chicken skin instead!


Mmmmmm crispy chicken.

mushrooms:cherriesBefore wine.


After wine.


Put it all together and this is what you get!

This is how I did it:

First, start heating up your pan, you don’t need any fat in there because the chicken has plenty of that.  I seasoned my chicken with salt, pepper and a little bit of garlic powder. Once the pan is nice and hot, put the chicken in there skin side down so that it can crisp up. It takes about 7-10 minutes for it to get really crispy. A lot of the fat will cook down. Once the skin is crispy, flip your thighs and cook all the way through.

Once your chicken is done, drain off most of the fat, and cook your mushrooms in all that chickeny goodness. After the mushrooms start to soften, add your cherries and season. Cook that all together for a few minutes then add your wine. I used white whine, but you can use red. Let that reduce for about 5 minutes and add a little bit of butter to finish, and parsley to garnish.

I know mushrooms and cherries might sound weird, but I promise that combined with the wine.. it’s awesome! It’s kind of marsala-esque. Really good. I promise you’ll like it.

So, Happy fourth of July, again! What are you guys cooking?