Foodie Friday: German-Style Potato Salad!

Ugh I apologize about the lack of Foodie Fridays recently, but thankfully I’m getting back into the groove of it. So, today I want to share our new family favorite.


Mmmmm potatoes…

This is a super simple recipe, it came to me when I was at work.


I decided to use a variety of potatoes, here there are yellow, red and purple fingerlings (but this is only half the amount I used). I also chose to roast them instead of boiling to give them more flavor. I seasoned them with olive oil and (our holy grail seasoning) Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning and then roasted them at 375 until they were fork tender.


And this is the most important part- the dressing. This is super simple, all you need is shallots, good olive oil (I used Greek), parsley, good mustard (I used a Dusseldorf style), lemon juice and salt. Only use a little salt here, as the potatoes are already seasoned. The picture above obviously isn’t mixed, so just make sure that you do mix it lol

Once the potatoes were cooked through, I tossed them with the dressing while the potatoes are still hot so they would absorb all that great flavor. Make sure to get that dressing on every potato and then eat! You can serve this warm, room temp or even cold. Perfect for get togethers or just any day!

Oh, and it’s also great the next day! Just make it into a hash with a little bit of cheese and bacon and you’re good to go!