That one thing.

Apologies about the late post, this was supposed to be up last week (!) but I’ve been super busy.  Anyway…

You know when you have an awesome day? Like a really solid, good day? And you know when one little, pretty dumb thing just aggravates you to the point where your good day is ruined? It’s the worst.

It happened on my birthday, but the worst part is… I was still mad about it the next day! That hardly every happens, usually I’m over it and can move on, but no. Now that I think back, it was pretty stupid, as it usually is, but still.

I just hate when that happens.

And you feel like “really? why am I so angry?”

My mom gets that way about the dishes, it’s pretty ridiculous. And no matter what anyone does, the aggravated person will not feel better. I think I wanted to not be angry, but couldn’t help it. My boyfriend was really concerned because we were hanging out the next day and he thought I’d be either 1) a bitch or 2) so angry that I’d bail, haha. Luckily that didn’t happen… i started looking at shoes and they made me feel better.

So moral of the story…if you’re really angry and nothing can make you feel better, just look at shoes.