Computer Problems

Sigh. Where to begin? I guess I should start with a few weeks ago when my laptop charger just stopped working on me. I was working, went to plug in my computer and…nothing. Fail. So I had a mini meltdown, threatened to just buy a new computer and then just ordered a new charger. It came in a few days later and my problem was solved! I was only without my laptop for 2 days.

Then yesterday, for whatever reason, I needed to update my Firefox. Okay, that’s fine. Then I realized that it wouldn’t let me update because my computer operating system needed updating. And it all went downhill from there. I couldn’t access things, my browser wouldn’t format things correctly, I couldn’t even print. What was happening?!

In a panic, I texted my boyfriend because he’s a techie dude and used to work at the Apple Store. And as it turned out, I needed to update my computer ASAP. Sigh.

So that night we tried downloading updates and all the files were too big to burn and it was all time wasted. At least it was only like three hours and not days. So my two options ended up being buy the software (at $20, I couldn’t complain) or wipe my hard drive (after baking it up) and update from scratch, which would take days. Being me, I was afraid to wipe the whole thing, and I really couldn’t be without my computer for that long because my entire life is on it and I need it for work.

You can safely assume that I ordered the software this morning… and it should be by Friday! Hooray!

But that’s just the first out of a bunch of updates I need. I’m on OS X 10.5.8, yep. I got my computer so many years ago that I’m super behind. My dad got his computer a couple of years ago and he’s at 10.9.1.. just for reference. I’ll need to get myself up to 10.7 before I’m totally out of the weeds. Obviously Apple is just out to get me.