Vacation Brain.

Last week I went to Florida with the family, as my sister had spring break. We went down to Captiva Island, a super small island right next to Sanibel Island. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in shells.

We love shelling, ever since our last trip to Naples, FL when we ended up driving 2 hours to Sanibel to get to the good stuff. Brought back a haul last time, and this time was no different. My dad and I went out at 6pm for three days in a row and hauled in bags full of awesome shells.

Anyway, we got back late last Thursday night (basically Friday morning) and on Friday morning it hit me. Vacation brain. I couldn’t concentrate at all. Staring at my computer like I didn’t know what to do with it. I struggled through Friday, super happy that it was Friday and that it was almost the weekend. After a busy Passover/Easter weekend, Monday rolls around and I still don’t feel ready to do any work! How long does this last?!

I got to ease myself into some work on Monday and by yesterday I was semi okay to do actual work again.

That’s when I realized why people say they need a vacation after a vacation. You need time for your brain to readjust to the impending work. There really should be a grace period to help with that haha I know I needed it.