Why I Didn’t Like The “How I Met Your Mother” Finale.

A little late on this post because I wanted to make sure not to ruin everything for everyone because this will contain spoilers. Anyway, I haven’t even followed the show from the first season but the finale bothered me so much that I’m still thinking about it.

I first heard about the show in high school (so crazy!), a friend of mine loved it and made Robin Sparkles a thing in our little group. Recently, my boyfriend got into it and watched all 9 seasons in about a week and a half. Yes, he’s a binge watcher. I watched a bunch of episodes with him, including the finale.

I didn’t watch a majority of the seasons but I saw the relatively important episodes. Like Barney and Robin’s wedding, which was so ridiculous. Those are two people who seem like they’d never get married, weirdest couple ever. Then they got divorced, go figure. I didn’t call that one from a mile away.

Sadly, the finale started really well and everything was good up until the last two minutes or so. Their meeting was like destiny! Blah blah blah and finally the kids know how Ted met their mother. Great. Then the disappointment.

If he was in love with Robin this whole time, I say it negates anything he ever said about loving the mother. The fact that his daughter pointed it out was even weirder. I think I’d be pissed if I had to sit through a 9 year story about how my dad met my mom when the whole point was that he still loved someone else. Not cool.

Not only that, but Robin was a total jerk to Ted! Why, Ted?! Why did you have to revert back to Robin?! It was like one step forward, 25 steps back. He had such strides in all the seasons, finally found the love of his life, and goes back to Robin? What?

That’s probably the worst ‘happy ending’ that I’ve ever seen. Should’ve just left it open ended after Ted met the mother, or after she died. We’re all big kids, we can handle that. Not everything needs a happy ending, I’m good with a reasonable one.

Any of you fans? What did you think of it?