Babysitting Woes.

So, I still live at home, along with my little sister, oh and our grandma lives here too. I only go out three times a week: Tuesday night, Friday night and Saturday. Does that seem like so much to ask for? I don’t think so.

Oftentimes, though, my mom asks me to come home early on Saturdays because they’re going out. Let me just note that my sister is 11, and goes to bed after 11 on weekends. She doesn’t want my grandma freaking out is no one is home by 10. My grandma is not that old, and she does not care when people get home as long as she’s told. I’m going to be 24 in May. My sister is their kid. Why do I have to change my plans to watch their kid when there’s already someone watching her?

Well, me being me, I usually say yes and make my boyfriend hang out at my house when it happens. It’s not too often, but it does happen. This last Saturday my parents left at 3 claiming the earlier they left the earlier they’ll get home. They went to see my boss’s kid’s school play (which was Cabaret.. which I think its super skeevy for 16 year olds, but that’s just my opinion). Little did they know, or so they say, that the play was at 8 and it was 3 hours long! Mind you I have the playbill right next to me as I write this and it says it was at 7. Regardless, my mom ended up texting me at 6:30 asking me to come home by 10. The difference today was… I said no. I talked to my grandma (without my mom knowing) and she was fine with my not coming home because my mom does this all the time and even she thinks that I should be able to go out without being called home to babysit.

I did feel bad about it though. Especially when it hit like 9pm. Then I got a call from my grandma, she had spoken to my mom and was gushing about the first half of the show. I asked if they were okay and she said yes, but I still felt bad.

My parents ended up coming home at 11:40…

What happens when I move out? I won’t be driving back home to babysit at 10 pm. They should probably figure this out now.