Car Drama

So, yesterday was an eventful day- went to the boyfriend’s house to watch our shows, hoping that it didn’t snow too much so I wouldn’t have to leave early…. but it all got cut kinda short when my car got smacked. Yep, right in the face! The kicker… it all went down in the driveway. Luckily no one was around or in my car and no one got hurt. It really could’ve been a lot worse.

But it pretty much ruined everyone’s night and I can’t help but feel kinda guilty about it. Wasn’t my fault, I didn’t even park my car where it was when it got hit, but still. I should’ve parked it on the street like I wanted to.

I feel especially worse because my car isn’t a Honda or Ford and can’t be taken to just any body shop, and won’t cost a few hundred. We’re talking a few thousand. That sucks for everyone involved.

My boyfriend doesn’t want my family to hate him because it happened at his house. But I’m worried his family will hate me :/

I just feel weird and guilty about it.

On the bright side, I needed a new high beam but never got it fixed… the light that got hit was the same one with the busted high beam. Probably the only lucky thing that happened yesterday.