To Invest? Or Not To Invest?

Investing… lots of people do it. My mom does, she loves it! She plays the stock market like she plays solitaire. My dad does it, he’s been trading ever since I can remember. I don’t have the stomach for it.

I’m pretty old school, older school than my parents. I don’t trust any of these mutual funds, and the stock market literally make my stomach turn. I can’t jump into risk like that, it gives me anxiety. I think I’d rather hide my money in my walls.

The worst part is that my dad just keeps bothering me about it. Like I actually have to listen to him. Psh. I’m almost 24 and it’s my money. I’ll do (or won’t do) whatever I want with it.

He’s been trying to talk me into mutual funds, so I took a look. And… nope. No thank you. Too much jargon for me to even try and understand. I’d rather invest in Disney, I know Disney.

So herein lies my dilemma.