The Mailman.

We’ve been getting a ton of snow in the East Coast this year, which I’m sure everyone is tired of by now. I, for one, am so ready for spring and summer, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.

What I’ve been noticing since we got so much snow is the lack of mail we’ve been getting, then maybe once a week we get a giant bundle. Are we really not getting any mail most days? That seemed sketchy to me, but I let it go. The other day I had to send a package in the mail, and when I made sure that the mailman took it, I saw a giant bundle of mail and a note asking us to clean the area in front of the mailbox. Really? You want us to clean 3 feet of ice? You couldn’t have told us this when it was still snow?

Now my mailman is a grumpy, bald man who hates getting out of his truck. He’s a pretty miserable guy. I’ve seen him giving other people their mail… even people who haven’t totally cleaned the area in front of their mailboxes, and our snow halfway melted already! He really has no excuse at this point, but it looks like he’ll only deliver mail if he needs to pick mail up, so I’m about ready to start putting nice little thank you cards in the mailbox that say “thank you for doing your job today”.

He really has no right to be miserable in mailman terms. He gets to drive around in a truck all day. My boyfriend’s mailman walks. Yep, parks the truck and walks to each house on the route because the mailboxes are attached to the house by the front door. Pretty sure they don’t let snow get in their way. Isn’t there some mailman oath? Nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet? That kinda thing?

Maybe I should look it up and give my mailman a letter with his card.