The Hunt.

Which type of hunting is the most difficult? Duck? Deer? Maybe moose! Nope, I’ll tell you what it is… job hunting.

It’s probably the most difficult, frustrating and depressing experience. I know most of you out there know where I’m coming from. This job market is terrible, and job hunting in it is just tedious. Some of us are more lucky than others depending on which field we’re in, but that can seriously work against you as well. I’ve been job hunting for a while now, and while there are a ton of marketing jobs, there are also a ton of applicants. Pros and cons of choosing your major in college.

My cousin just got into NYU for chemical engineering… yeah, that’s not NYU’s specialty, but that’s why she got in easy peasy, and she won’t have any issues finding a job after college, even if she has to move to Wisconsin for it.

But you know what the worst part it? When you look at job postings and they want at least 3 years experience for an entry level job, well that means it’s not entry level! How can we get experience if no one will hire us? Internships for three years? The daughter of a guy I work with did just that. After 2 years of interning she got a full time position.. about time! At least she liked her job enough to stay for full time.

It’s a sad market for recent grads. So pick your majors wisely and if you get an internship you can stand, stick with that sucker!