Foodie Friday: Chocolate and Caramel Drizzled Shortbread Cookies!

Phew! That’s a long title. These cookies were inspired by the Chocolate Caramel Bars I made a while back.


I basically took the same components of the bars and made them into cookies! I thought the bars were a little messy, sweet and heavy, so I automatically had a brainstorm for this recipe. I took the same shortbread recipe (plus a teaspoon of vanilla), but instead of pressing it down onto a baking pan, I rolled it out on some parchment paper and used a heart shaped cookie cutter in two sizes (for Valentine’s Day). Then I just baked as directed. Once those were cooled I started on my chocolate and caramel.

For the chocolate I just took some heavy cream and microwaved it for about a minute. Then, while it was still very hot, I added about a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips and stirred until they melted. Then it’s ready to drizzle. I used a ziplock bag as a piping bag just to make it easier.

For the caramel, I decided to make my own, but you can always melt some caramel candies if you prefer. I didn’t follow the recipe from the bars, instead I used an easier recipe. Here’s what you need:

  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Heavy Cream

Measurement really depend on how much you want to make. I used about half a stick of butter and a cup of sugar. You want to melt the butter, then stir in the sugar and let that cook down until it’s a nice caramel color. Then add your heavy cream and let it boil. I cooked mine for about 10 minutes, but you can always check the consistency by cooling it down, and you can always boil it again if you need to thicken it up. Once it has the consistency you like (I kept it pretty thin so I could drizzle it with a whisk), just drizzle it on your cookies!

Let those babies cool for a bit, putting them in the fridge helps set everything up, and you’re good to go! I also suggest keeping them in the fridge so that they don’t get too cool and melt all over the place.