Hey Fox News… Don’t Get It Twisted.

If you watched the Olympic opening ceremony, you know that the entire thing was basically about Russian history over a thousand year period. And obviously, Putin did help create it.

Well, I just happened upon Fox News the morning after the ceremony and I was appalled. The three moronic hosts were talking about the entire red section of the ceremony as being a “salute to communism”. Are they serious? The entire Russian American population was literally fuming at that moment. Being Russian American, I was incredibly insulted. So was my mother, she was born in Russia. We don’t condone communism, we don’t think it’s right, but how can you sit there and accuse a history lesson as a salute. There were horses in the ceremony, does that mean it was a salute to horses? What about the stars? Maybe it was a salute to astronauts.

This ceremony was a statement. A statement about Russia’s past and Russia’s future. Apparently that’s too complicated for some people.