Foodie Friday: Football Desserts!

I know the Super Bowl is over… but it’s never too early to menu plan, right?


For these guys, I used Costco’s giant bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and Nestle white chocolate chips. I piped on the white chocolate using a regular sandwich bag, I just cut the tip off and used it like a piping bag. Let me tell you that the Cotsco chocolate is great quality, much better than I expected. These bad boys were all gone in about 2 minutes.


Who doesn’t love rice krispies?! I know, I do… and I’m still eating them. I used the Rice Krispie recipe that’s on the bx/website and I made two versions: plain and mixed (regular and chocolate). They’re easy to make, it’s just a little tedious shaping them all into footballs. It takes a minute to get used to. I found it a little easier to shape them while they were warm, but the boyfriend thought they were easier to shape when they cooled off… so just feel it out and see what’s easier for you. Just a note: they can be a little difficult to eat because they’re dense, and if you have leftovers, store them in the fridge and just microwave them for 20-40 seconds when you want to eat them!

Did you guys make anything fun for the Super Bowl?