February Sportstacular!

So February is a very sporty month, first the Super Bowl and now the Olympics. Speaking of the Super Bowl, how did you guys fair? Who were you rooting for? We had a Super Bowl party and most people were for the Broncos, I couldn’t care less either way, but if I had to choose it would be the Seahawks because they have prettier colors haha. My mom lucked out though, at the last minute she got someone from her old job to share one of his pool boxes with her and they ended up winning in the last quarter!

But I’m so excited for the Olympics! I love the Olympics! Can’t wait for the parade of nations and all that jazz. I can seriously sit around all day and watch various sports, even ones like cross country skiing, which takes about 8689012 hours. I’m not even into sports. Oh, and I’m excited to see Shawn White again… I’ve missed that Flying Tomato.

Are you guys excited for anything in particular?