No Internet, No Problem?

So last week I had an issue… a horrible, horrible issue! I had no internet for… three days! Well, technically I did, but it was on and off and really annoying. You see, we have that Optimum triple play and sometimes it gets wonky where the phone and internet won’t work but the TV will. And last week it was the worst it has ever been. One day the internet was out every 5 minutes, the next day it was out for hours at at time, and the third day it literally didn’t come back on until the late afternoon. So, it got me thinking… what the heck did I ever do without the internet?!

I mean, I did have my phone so I could check my email and play candy crush (of course) and whatnot, but I couldn’t do any work or any blogging. Is that really a bad thing? I guess not, but I did have stuff to do that I couldn’t do. I kept looking at my closed laptop longingly, hoping the internet would come back. Even when I’m just watching TV, I have the urge to check my computer every few minutes, and when I couldn’t, it felt like something was missing.

What did we ever do without the internet? I can hardly get through commercials without my computer to distract me. I can only imagine the travesty that would have been if I couldn’t use the internet on my phone.

It actually reminds me of Hurricane Sandy. No power for a week, and I wouldn’t use the internet on my phone for fear of wasting battery. I basically slept all day without the internet. That was a horrible time. I never want to go through that again!