Headaches and Botox

Have you guys seen the commercial for Botox as a treatment for headaches? How ridiculous is that?

I had a few bad headaches last week because of the rain and crappy weather, and my mom suggested that I get Botox… No thank you.

I’m totally against Botox as it is. I think it’s gross and I don’t want anyone putting needles anywhere near my face. Skeeves me out.

I understand that some people have horrible headaches and it’s a problem (my boyfriend’s sister and my cousin get horrendous migraines), I also recognize that Botox might be able to help these people, but 1) what’s to stop people from saying they have these migraines just to get Botox? How can a doctor prove that you don’t have migraines every week? 2) Is there an age limit? I wouldn’t want my 16 year old cousin getting Botox because she has headaches. 3) Does it do what regular Botox does?  Or is it a different strain that just helps headaches?

The whole thing just seems weird to me. I don’t know how injecting a filler into your head will stop migraines. It probably blocks all your receptors or something. Regardless of what it is… I’m not a fan.

Not to bust Botox’s chops or anything.. but yeah, no thanks.